Capstone Photography | About
As a little girl I would marvel over the walls of photographs that my grandfather had taken and proudly displayed. Each one was a work of art, showcasing the camera's ability to catch the beauty between shadow and light and to see into people's souls. I was inspired to pick up the camera, and with his guidance, I began to see the world through his eyes and my own lens.

It is so much fun to be able to do what I love - to capture the love between parents and children, between children and their world, and between families and their furry friends. I take a candid, lifestyle approach to capture the most natural emotions. My background in early childhood education and more than a decade as a professional riding instructor and horse trainer help me succeed in making people feel comfortable and natural. Because of my years of experience with horses, dogs, children, and families, I have an advantage when it comes to photographing them. I can capture your memories, which will last a lifetime.