Capstone Photography | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


There are so many photographers out there!  Why should I choose Capstone Photography?

Yes there are!  Capstone Photography is different because I will give you unparalleled service from beginning to end.  As someone who takes photos of my own family (human and furry) for the purpose of displaying them end enjoying them daily, I understand what it takes to capture the right moments, and how to make those memories tangible.  The products I offer are things that I display in my own home, so I know they are top quality, beautiful, and durable.  You can also expect unique products that are beautiful statement pieces and make great gifts.  And having been on your end, I understand why the conversations about goals and expectations (for all of us!) are so important.  I want to make sure that I can make your vision a reality.  You can always expect a response from me within 24 hours. 


I love your photos and want you to capture my family!  What happens next?

The first thing to do is to go to the "Contact" tab and e-mail me about your vision, needs, and availability.  Once we have those details hammered out, I will require a deposit to hold the date.  We will have a phone consultation as your session approaches so that I can better understand your expectations and be sure that we will accomplish your goals.


How much is the deposit and how can I pay?

I love transparency!  I have no hidden fees or agenda.  The deposit is the session fee plus the order minimum.  The actual price will depend on which package you choose.  The order minimum will be a credit towards your product order.  Once we have nailed down the details, you will receive an invoice via PayPal.


What will my total investment be?

That depends on your vision for how you want to display and share your memories.  At the very least you will invest the session fee and meet the order minimum, but most people will spend between $500-$1500.  Everything that you receive is heirloom quality and can be enjoyed for generations. 


So we had a fun photo shoot!  What's next?

Now you sit back and relax and I really go to work!  I will take 2-3 weeks to pull the photos from your session that are the real "keepers."  The ones where you blinked, tripped, or were just caught on an "off" moment will be discarded.  Then, all of your "keepers" are individually enhanced.  (I use the word "enhanced" because that's exactly what happens!  The color is enhanced, as is clarity.  If I caught something ugly in the background, that gets removed.  Don't worry, you will still look like you!)  Then your photos will be posted here, to my site, in a password-protected gallery for your viewing and selection.  The gallery will stay live for 2 weeks.  After that there will be a $75 fee to reinstate it. 


Ok, I'm in love with my images and I'm ready to order.  How do I do that?

It's easy!  With your gallery information you will also get information about the wonderful products that I offer.  Then all you need to do is confirm the file numbers (they will be clearly labeled), what type of products, sizes, and quantities.  You will receive an invoice via PayPal (if you minimum has been met), and once your balance is paid in full most products will arrive at your door within 10 days.  Then simply display and enjoy!


I want a disc or digital files.  Do you do that?

I do.  All of the fees are listed on the "Investment" page.  While all digital files come with copyright and print release, please keep in mind that as a professional, I have access to higher quality prints and products that the average consumer does not.  If you want to show off your memories as they were taken, the DIY method is not recommended.